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Negotiating Tips Podcast

Just want to share a podcast series I’m learning a lot from. I only found it this week, but the podcast was produced a few years ago by Slate and it’s called Negotiation Academy.¬†The series is proving to be a useful tool for thinking about salary negotiations.

The whole series is only ten podcasts about 15-20 minutes a piece. Each episode covers a different topic on negotiation strategy from preliminary research to BATNA (Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) to asking for a raise. So far every episode has taught me some new piece of negotiation strategy that I can incorporate into my daily life.

I haven’t quite finished the series yet, but I can strongly recommend it. I’ve been starting each morning lately with a podcast and a new negotiation tip. Give it a shot and see what you think. I’ll probably pull the series all together in a future post on negotiating strategy.

You can subscribe to Negotiation Academy in iTunes or listen to the first episode here.

Negotiating Tips Podcast