The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Adjunct Project 2.0

Adjunct Project and Chronicle

Gather round. I’m leaking some big news today. The Adjunct Project and The Chronicle of Higher Education are about to release a game changer.

For the past several months, I’ve been collaborating with The Chronicle on the design of what is essentially Adjunct Project 2.0. And we’re within a few weeks of its release. I feel confident saying this website is going to revolutionize the adjunct world. It basically takes everything that’s good about the Adjunct Project and makes it better.

Rather than viewing the data on a static spreadsheet, the new Adjunct Project allows us to sort the information in pretty much any way we’d like. Want to see all English departments in the Washington, DC area? No problem. Curious which schools in Atlanta offer health insurance to adjuncts? Easy. How about which schools in California pay more than $4000/course? You got it.

Because The Chronicle assigned some of their top developers to the project, the design of the site is cutting edge. It looks great and functions smoothly. I’m so grateful for the help The Chronicle has offered to the Adjunct Project. They have really stepped up to the plate and gotten on board with the work we’re doing. Having had several meetings and weekly conference calls with their people, I can say with certainty that they want to help us. And help us they have. Our collaboration has made the website infinitely better. The knowledge it provides shifts power to workers like never before.

The adjunct blog will also remain intact. It will display the most popular posts of the past and I’ll continue to accept new submissions. With this new Chronicle affiliation, I expect the number of submissions to increase significantly.

I really can’t do justice to the new site by describing it to you. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. It’s amazing. The domain will stay the same: I’m hoping to begin displaying the new website by the beginning of the year. Of course, I’ll make another announcement when that happens. My plan is to introduce the updated site at the MLA Convention in January.

So, all of you adjuncts and adjunct supporters who have contributed to the success of the Adjunct Project, thank you and congratulations. We are about to take another major step forward.

Now go and leak this news to others. Let’s make the whole world aware of what we’re doing.


  1. Josh, congratulations! As one of the people CHE called upon to ask how certain looks worked or didn’t, I am excited to see the final product, as what I saw in the interim was exciting enough. I cannot wait to use it, but most importantly, I hope it makes a difference in the visibility of adjuncts everywhere. I think this is a huge step forward for us, so thank you, Josh, and thank you, the Chronicle of Higher Ed. And now, let’s let everyone know! YES, let’s share the good news 😉
    Ana M. Fores Tamayo
    NFM, member

  2. Allow me to add my congratulations, Josh. As chair of our Non-Tenure Track committee, I am sure that the Georgia Conference of the AAUP will find this invaluable. Thank you for taking the initiative, to say nothing of the time, to do this.

  3. Josh,
    You never cease to amaze! I’ll be at MLA for that announcement. I am so proud of you. And I thank you, once again, for your initiative and drive and imagination and “adjunct” spirit.

  4. I’ll never forget our midnight encounter after the NFM Summit in January! You’ve come so far since the with your groundbreaking Adjunct project. Keep up the great work, it’s truly awesome.

    1. Peter,

      I attribute a lot of the confidence I’ve gained for this project to our conversation and the blog post generated from that discussion. It really helped me see the importance of putting aside fears and just starting.

  5. Josh, I’ve been increasingly convinced that the Adjunct Project and NFM represent a watershed movement in the movement for adjunct faculty equity. This announcement makes that even clearer. You’re always quick to credit other people, but you really should take a minute to let other people be grateful for the work you’re doing.

    1. Thank you, Seth. Also, I absolutely agree with your watershed suggestion. Time to kick this thing up a notch.

  6. Congratulations ~ not unexpected, all but out at last board teleconference. What is else is in the queue? Does all of the project move the Chronicle or just the database? Occasional pieces not just about you and the Project but by you would be nice too.

    Any chance of agitating for pay wall waivers for adjunct relevant articles?

    My work is cut out for me and then some. I can see that I will have to double time it for the 2013 Summit to match last year. How does a More Than Human gestalt sound? Alien Adjunct? Alas, probably not realistic.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      You and your stream of consciousness writing style! 🙂 To answer your question, nothing is moving to The Chronicle; they just helped us build a better data collection tool and user interface.

      And, yep, I will get a chance to write the occasional piece, though I’m more interested in hearing from those adjuncts whose voices have been continually silenced.

      1. Well, should the occasion arise, do put in a word for revising the pay wall policy, especially in regards to adjunct relevant articles. even with institutional access, more than a few do have problems accessing articles.

        Pushing 70 and retired means never having to say I’m sorry for an absence of cacademic gravitas in style or ‘tude. That may be worth living without institutional affiliation (plus perks) on less than adjunct wages. Spending the month of November with the DigiPed & Writing gang may have been another factor.

        So what about that More Than Human adjunct? Maybe that’s the whole of adjunct and precarious academic labor across distributed networks? If I find an alien one, I won’t out zir. Imagine what that would do to odds for rehiring? Maybe I already have. I do live in NM.

  7. This IS a watershed information moment. No longer will the myths about adjuncts and they work they do and the pay they get be able to hide under the rug. Well don, Josh. This is the happiest I have been all day!! Thank you, a million times, for your work.

    1. Thank YOU, Margaret. You’ve been at this a lot longer than I have and your work has helped inform mine.

  8. […] PS. In case you missed the post on my blog awhile back, you can find a few more details about the new developments here:

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