New Adjunct Discussion Group on Vitae

Over at Vitae, we’ve been creating discussion groups based on some of the primary categories of people using the site. Our most recent group is called Adjunct Life and it’s designed to be a place where adjuncts can share stories and advice with each other.

Adjunct Life Group

LinkedIn has a couple of pretty active adjunct groups that focus a little more on career advice and discussions, so I’m thinking there’s clearly a demand for this kind of online gathering place for adjuncts.

The problem I’ve had with LinkedIn, as Jonathon Rees has also pointed out, is that the site isn’t exactly an ideal networking platform for academics. I’ve been a member for awhile now–more out of social obligation than anything else–and I still haven’t really done anything worthwhile on the site.

I’m hoping Vitae can pick up where LinkedIn has fallen short for us. Vitae is specifically set up for academics and allows us to display elements of our professional lives that LinkedIn leaves out.

Anyway, that’s why I created the adjunct group at Vitae. We’ll see if anyone decides to use it. I know I will, and I hope other adjuncts will join me.

I’ve got a thread going over there now about how I’m coping with my “adjunct recovery” now that I’m officially post-ac. If you get a hankerin’, you should join the group and the discussion.


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