New Master’s Degree Book From Order of Education

Here at Order of Education we’re proud to bring you the first in our line of published books on the topic of education. This first book is written by the site editor, Joshua A. Boldt, and it is entitled Should I Get a Master’s Degree in English?

Master's Degree eBook CoverIn this first book publication by Order of Education Press, the author explores the master’s degree in English from several angles–academic, economic, and political. Boldt, who has written extensively on this site and elsewhere about English graduate school and the economics of American education, discusses his own experience of pursuing the master’s degree, including the mistakes that he made while working on the degree.

The goal of the book is to advise any reader who is considering earning a master’s degree in English, or in any other humanities field. As Boldt points out, the degree can be immensely helpful to anyone who holds it, as long as that person understands what she is getting into and how to best use the master’s degree to her advantage.

The book’s eight chapters also include a series of essays on humanities graduate education, as well as a bonus section of resources containing a 20 question checklist for anyone considering a master’s degree in the humanities.

Should I Get a Master’s Degree in English? is available for sale here at Order of Education by paypal or credit card. It can also be purchased in a Kindle edition at Amazon for $2. For more information about Boldt’s book or to buy your own copy, visit the dedicated information page.

Order of Education Press is committed to publishing education-related books on a variety of topics. All future books will be listed for sale on the website. If you have a book idea or you would like to submit a publication proposal, leave us a comment or contact the editors directly.


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