Why Are Adjuncts Joining Unions?

In a new post at Vitae, I argue that adjuncts and other university professors have something in common with pilots at JetBlue airlines who have recently voted to unionize after two previous failed attempts to do so.

Join the Union

The question I attempt to answer in the piece is why have these pilots just now decided to organize, when just a couple years ago they were adamantly anti-union? I believe the answer to this question will shed light on why adjunct professors have also just recently begun to unionize in large numbers.

Both groups traditionally believed that a union was unnecessary. As I point out in the article, both groups have also been regularly fed a diet of propaganda by management that attempts to convince labor they’re better off without the help of a union.

As the past year has proven, that argument has worn thin. Adjuncts, like the JetBlue pilots, have begun to stand up for themselves and call out management for its unfulfilled promises.

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